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Deovlet Winery

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

In 2008, the brand ‘Deovlet’ was created by winemaker Ryan Deovlet in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA. Over the past 12 years, the winery has established connections with different vineyards across Santa Barbara County. With places like La Encantada or Zotovich Family Vineyards, to provide premium quality Pinot Noir wine to customers. Both US and overseas customers are now able to taste the scent of California Valley.

Deovlet - Strong character

Throughout the production process, it is vital for making a well-balanced wine. Understandingly, Pinot Noir is considered as a harsh, tough component for winemakers. Crispy and fragile skin marks its difficulty for transforming wines. Under such difficulties, wines are carefully managed with professionals and restricted by strict regulations.

With its strong character, the Pinot Noir wines are full of the combination of natural flavours. Red fruit flavours, like cranberry, cherry or plum, seamlessly invade our nasal and bring us a long-lasting sweetness. As the sweetness starts to fade away, the aroma turns into a bright hay flavour and enriches our nasal experience. Your palate may feel like having a dried, yet very acidic burgundy-like taste.

How to taste Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir is a beautifully balanced, fruity red wine. With the strong tropical aroma and ends with a dried hay fragrance. Pinot Noir is an aromatic strong wine, from fruity to dusty tannic one, the options of food pairing can be varied. With sweety Pinot Noir, white meat is a natural choice to pick with. Roasted turkey/chicken, fish meat or any kind of white meat. You can simply enjoy the natural fruity taste of Pinot Noir with these combinations. While we can expect something strong when we are having a more tannic one. Pairing spiced prime beef, or roasted pork, would be our recommended pairings.


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