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Castello di Amorosa - Italian Glory

Updated: Sep 11, 2020


The wine-producing business in Napa Valley is hailed as one of the premier regions of the world. Similar to Italy or Southern France, the weather condition in Northern California is called Mediterranean Climate. Which, in general, the temperature can be varied during daytime and night. Weather reports showed the daytime temperature can be over 50C during summertime. While in the night time, the temperature can be decreased rapidly. Great differences between the daytime and night time is a key factor for wine production. Another characteristic would be the precipitation of the region. Mild, smooth and dry are the best description of the weather there. You can expect a dry season in the summer since there is barely rain in Napa Valley. Yet, in the wintertime, most of the rain falls during this period and the weather is much cooler than summer. The precipitation in Napa Valley is normally below average and the soil here is drier than elsewhere. In addition, winemakers always say that Californian wines are the mixtures of two completely different climates.


Unlike wines from Italy or Spain, American wines are considered to be sharp and prominent in terms of their taste. Customers sometimes view this sudden sharpness as the main features of American wines. Indeed, Californian sunshine contributes the bright character, while the soils add a hint of earthiness to the wines. With such a unique environment, wines from Napa Valley has a very strong American character. Wild, powerful and sweet is the best expressions of describing American red wines in general. Compare with those subtle European wines across the Atlantic Ocean.


        Of course, wines from Castello di Amorosa winery indeed contains those remarkable American characteristics, with additional Italian style inside. The winery was established by an Italian migrant Vittorio Sattui in the late 19th century and still remains its Italian characters today. Mr Dario Sattui, the great-grandson of Vittorio Sattui, found his ideal place to lay the foundation of the winery in 1993. With beautiful mountains surrounded, he decided to settle here and expand his business empire. He viewed Napa Valley as his second home and want to make some Italian-style wines. In order to establish an Italian-style place in Northern California, Mr Sattui had imported building materials directly from Italy and turn it into a castle complex in the 1990s. ‘Dario’, he used his own name to represent the Italian vision of the Castello di Amorosa winery. As this authentic Tuscan castle occupied 3 acres of land, they are determined to make the winery more authentic like, like the old-fashion, medieval and romantic vineyards back in Italy. It took them over 15 years to finish the whole castle, including the vineyard and the producing facilities. The castle includes not only wine but also provides the best quality wines to customers around the world.

With the four-generation management of the Sattui family, the brand keeps expanding not only in the States but to the overseas markets like Hong Kong as well. We, Oriental Pearl (H.K.) Limited (OPL), exclusively distributes this premium quality Italian-style red wine globally. We are enormously proud to sell Mr Sattui’s masterpiece and deliver it to our Hong Kong customer’s.


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